How do I activate my GoWarranty?
Your GoWarranty will be activated when you submit the required details and agree to the warranty subscription through your GOMAX phone.
When does the GoWarranty commence for my phone? Is it the moment it connects to a network after I insert my SIM card?
The warranty for your GOMAX phone will only commence when your Warranty Card and activation are verified by us.
I am not satisfied with my app / game purchase from GOMAX's Game Hub. How do I get a refund?
Apps and/or games purchased from the Game Hub are not refundable. However, should any discrepancy arise, we will conduct an investigation on the apps and/or game developer in question.
What differences are there between Google's Play Store and GOMAX's Game Hub?
GOMAX's Game Hub offers a personalised collection of apps and games suited for your GOMAX Smart phone.
What operating system (OS) do GOMAX phones run on?
GOMAX touchscreen Smart phones are powered by Google's Android OS, while Feature phones run on proprietary / generic OS.