GOMAX Fun Club
Have Fun, Will Travel.
Stay ahead of the pack with the latest news, music, games, videos, and more!

Available on both GOMAX Smart Phones and Feature Phones, the GOMAX Fun Club lets you gain instant access to your favourite information from the tip of your fingers.

Need to know what's trending in the fashion scene? Or maybe you're curious about upcoming movies. Whichever it is, get up-to-date news hot off the press from the GOMAX Fun Club.
GOMAX Game Hub
Bring Your A-Game. Anywhere.
Enjoy the thrills and spills of mobile gaming exclusively for your GOMAX Smart Phone!

From Action-packed thumb twisters to Puzzle-solving mind mashers, the GOMAX Game Hub lets you choose from a wide selection of exciting games. Do you have a specific preference for single or multiplayer? It's all in your hands.

Just in case you can't make up your mind over our overwhelming games selection, we got you covered with our Weekly and Monthly top picks, as well as a handpicked list from our Editor's Choice.